Produced by Creating Role Models in association with and developed in conjunction with author and child abuse survivor Chris Tuck. ‘Somethngs’ tackles the uncomfortable and disturbing subject of child abuse; focusing on the lesser publicised abuse suffered by UK children of colour. The resulting campaign entitled ‘I’m A Survivor’ was picked up by the BBC and other national broadcasters as we aimed to increase awareness, help healing and highlight this horrible crime whilst giving victims a voice. The resulting film ‘Somethings’ was produced to inform society of the plight some young people are forced to endure.


The world can be a cruel place and inner city London is no exception. When an innocent young girl becomes caught up in a world of child abuse and emotional bullying, her life quickly spirals out of control. Peoples misconception is that the ‘abused’ is the only victim, however ‘SOME THINGS’ tells a different story…there’s never just one victim.

What happens when you feel betrayed by the very person who is supposed to protect you? What do you do? Who do you turn to?

Inspired by true events this film is about when hope, courage, determination and faith just isn’t enough.

We all have SECRETS……

Some Secrets we take to the grave……others take us to the grave!

SOME THINGS… can’t be fixed!

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