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Project Feedback

” ‘If Only’ is a thought provoking and disturbing short film that deals with the reality and fall-out of street crime. My dearest wish is that every secondary schoolchild, especially in inner city schools, gets to see it. This is their reality. Schools and all child services should make it a priority to use this film as part of a workshop to inform children of the consequences of being a ‘road man’ “

Beverley Knight [Singer Song writer] Pictured

 “The film was compelling and very insightful, delivered with a strong message in a clever and impactful manner. The film is hoped to bring awareness and provide support to young people in schools and colleges at risk of becoming involved in the youth justice system.”

Mothers Against Gangs.

“Gang culture/activity didn’t come about overnight and the solutions will not be seen overnight either. We need consistent and sustained intervention with all young people not just entrenched Gang members. Early intervention is foundational to all our efforts in tackling Gang Crime. C.R.I.M.E has already made a huge impact in carrying forward the agenda of Ending Gang and Youth Violence through its anti Gangs Film ‘IF ONLY’ – a powerful early intervention tool. The film is authentic and strikes a cord with professionals across all sectors working with young people – most importantly it has huge credibility and acceptance from the young demographic who are the primary target audience”

David Savizon – Gang and Youth Violence Team, Westminister City Council

“It is important that young people are able to make informed decisions about their choices in life and have an opportunity to look at the consequences of their actions. “IF Only” gives young people an incite into a possible future if the same choices are made and acts as a deterrent for those who have a desire for change but may fear it” 

Nadine Woodley – Creative Youth Support worker and playwright of the thought provoking play “The Forty Elephants” focusing on young females involved in gang violence.


A very good production. I like the workshop idea. It is very thought provoking and a good interactive tool for solutions. Lets get the youth thinking about their actions. I am going to support Jenni Steele (IAG Lewisham) and C.R.I.M.E in getting this workshop into schools in the borough of Lewisham and then hopefully across London.

Cllr Duwayne Brooks Lib Dem Lewisham

” I thought ‘IF ONLY’ was of interest to solutions of gun and knife gang issues and I am hoping to support the workshops throughout the Lewisham borough.

Jenni Steele – Award winning Entrepreneur and chair of IEG (Independent Advisory Group) for the Metropolitan Police Services, Lewisham

Overall the film made a positive impact on me and 5 of my young people that attended. The workshop is a good engagement tool, especially the young people that may want to get into acting. The film will encourage good feedback in how they really think about choices they make.

Princess Roberts-Walker – Behavioural Consultant. Foundation 4 Life, CACFO


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