Our Objectives

  • To encourage young people to participate in a wide range of activities appropriate to their age and stage of development

  • To assist young people in their personal and social development so as to encourage growth in self esteem and confidence and help young people to learn from their experiences and cope with positive and critical feedback.

  • To help young people to participate in group projects, to express their views and play an active part in their planning and management of their own activities

  • To help young people to gain a greater understanding and respect for their own traditions and those of others by engaging in programmes that reflect the principles of equality, diversity and inter dependence.

  • To assist young people to become aware of their rights and responsibilities as active citizens

  • To promote the welfare and safety of young people at all times

  • Run creative art performance workshops.

  • To promote the eradication of violence and its effects within the community.

  • To increase the education of the public where issues of violence are concerned.

  • To work with and assist young people, men and women, to find meaningful training, employment or work experience.

  • To work in partnership with other relevant community groups/institutions that have similar objectives to C.R.I.M.E

  • To promote the development of an educational system that enhances individual development and creativity.

Our Objectives
Our Objectives
Our Objectives
Our Objectives
Our Objectives


Creating Role Models

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Creating Role Models is a not for profit organisation diverting young people away from violence and crime. You can support in a number of ways. Contact us to discuss further: [support@creatingrolemodels]