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C.R.I.M.E aims to divert young people away from violent crime through use of real life story telling.

The aim is to draw from the individuals life experiences, perhaps time spent incarcerated, time in a gang or perhaps a victim of some violent crime and turn their stories into short films, documentaries etc thus giving those involved numerous film making skills such as directing, acting, writing, etc and also giving them an alternative to the lifestyle they have come from or feel they need to return too.

It is also a forum for those involved to speak out and learn from each other as there are work shop based initiatives with many experienced actors, crew members passing through to give talks, lessons and pass on tips on how to make it in the industry.

About Us


Creating Role Models

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Creating Role Models is a not for profit organisation diverting young people away from violence and crime. You can support in a number of ways. Contact us to discuss further: [support@creatingrolemodels]